Consulting Services

To help our customers separate the chemical costs from the service costs, we work with our customers to determine the best chemistries for their systems to bring chemistry completely in-house. This includes the following:

  • Provide on-site service OR manage customer employees/water-treatment vendor

    • Quarterly and yearly reviews of programs

  • Managing multiple sites over large geographic areas from construction to implementation

  • Out of the box thinking and problem solving with deep understanding of water treatment programs from initial start up to full implementation

  • Development and implementation of best practices across multiple sites for both mechanical and chemical operations

We also have the capabilities to help our customers build and implement an ASHRAE-188 program to minimize the risk from Legionella. This includes quarterly and year review of the program with the help of the program team.


Analytical Chemistry Capabilities

Analytical testing ensures that the chemical program is functioning properly.  On-site testing allows us to make sure that equipment being used to control the program is effective. Water chemistry analysis is performed using an ICP-OES instrument that is capable of ppb analysis of over 27 different metals.  This allows us to build a comprehensive performance model of the water treatment program. 

  • Data driven program management allow users to model and improve overall program performance

  • Superior analytical capabilities to ensure asset preservation and optimum performance over the life of the program


Enhanced Services

  • Root-cause failure analysis

  • Separate chemistry from service costs using commodity chemicals

  • Best practice audits and Legionella management  - ASHRAE 188

  • Comparative bid analysis and water treatment supplier management

  • Sustainability programs for reducing water, energy and chemical

  • Operator training seminars


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