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Fehr Solutions specializes in independent water treatment consulting, helping clients bring chemical management in-house for cost efficiency. We offer tailored on-site services, regular performance reviews, and management across multiple locations, ensuring best practices in water treatment. Our team also supports the implementation of ASHRAE-188 programs to minimize Legionella risks, maintaining high safety standards.

Consulting Services

Leveraging years of industry experience, our team at Fehr Solutions possesses the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to significantly lower your water treatment costs and enhance system efficiency. We are committed to aiding our clients in achieving their environmental sustainability objectives, removing dangerous chemicals from their sites, and achieving a substantial reduction in chemical usage—often by more than 70%. All of these benefits are provided without compromising, and often enhancing, the performance of their water treatment programs.

Analytical Chemistry Capabilities

Fehr Solutions is dedicated to proactively safeguarding your water treatment system with our extensive off-site testing capabilities. By detecting and addressing minor irregularities early on, we prevent them from escalating into major concerns. Our meticulous water chemistry analysis is conducted using state-of-the-art ICP-OES instrumentation, capable of parts-per-billion precision for over 27 distinct metals. This precise analysis forms the backbone of our comprehensive performance modeling for water treatment programs, ensuring their effectiveness and reliability.

Enhanced Guidance

Fehr Solutions elevates water treatment standards through expert consulting and comprehensive off-site testing. Our advanced service offerings are designed to assist customers in reducing chemical consumption, optimizing water efficiency, and enhancing employee safety. We enable our clients to rapidly internalize specialized knowledge in water treatment chemistry, fostering in-house proficiency and control.

Professional Water Treatment Solutions and Consultancy Services
In our commitment to excellence and to assist our clients in delineating chemical costs from service-related expenses, our firm collaborates closely with each customer to identify and internalize the most effective chemical treatment strategies for their specific systems.
Our comprehensive services include:
  • Provision of on-site service or oversight of customer personnel and water-treatment vendors
  • Regular quarterly and annual program assessments to ensure continuous improvement
  • Expert management of water treatment processes across expansive geographical regions, from the initial construction phase through to full-scale program implementation
  • Innovative and strategic problem-solving capabilities, underpinned by an in-depth knowledge of water treatment systems, ensuring seamless transition from conception to operational status
  • Formulation and enactment of industry-leading practices in both mechanical and chemical operations, standardized across various client locations
Moreover, we possess the expertise to aid our clientele in the development and execution of an ASHRAE-188 compliant program, aimed at significantly reducing Legionella risks. This includes methodical quarterly and annual evaluations of the program, in collaboration with the dedicated program team.
Consulting Services
Analytical Chemistry Capabilities
At Fehr Solutions, our analytical testing is the cornerstone of ensuring the integrity and proper function of our clients' chemical programs. The utilization of on-site testing is pivotal in verifying the efficacy of the equipment overseeing the program's control mechanisms. Our sophisticated water chemistry analysis is meticulously conducted via an ICP-OES instrument, delivering parts-per-billion accuracy in the analysis of more than 27 metals, establishing the foundation for a robust performance model of the entire water treatment program.
Data-driven program management empowers our clients with the tools to refine and elevate the performance of their water treatment systems. Our superior analytical capabilities are instrumental in the preservation of assets and maintaining optimal performance throughout the program's lifecycle, aligning with the highest standards of industry excellence.
Enhanced Services
Enhanced Services
Our approach at Fehr Solutions is rooted in conducting thorough root-cause failure analyses to preemptively identify and mitigate potential issues within water treatment systems. We specialize in the strategic separation of chemistry and service expenses by utilizing commodity chemicals, optimizing both cost and efficiency for our clients.

Our adherence to best practices is exemplified through rigorous audits and the implementation of Legionella management strategies in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 188. This ensures the highest standards of safety and compliance within our operations.

Moreover, we offer comparative bid analysis and adept water treatment supplier management, enabling our clients to make informed decisions that align with their financial and operational objectives.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our programs designed to reduce water, energy, and chemical usage, contributing to the eco-friendly initiatives of our clients while maintaining system integrity.

To complete our comprehensive service offering, we conduct operator training seminars, equipping personnel with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage water treatment processes effectively, ensuring long-term program success.

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