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Fehr Solutions was founded in 2003 as an independent, unbiased water treatment service and consulting firm. Headquartered in a Western Suburb of Chicago, we do not sell chemicals or equipment. Our philosophy is to develop objective performance metrics using industry best practices, test to validate performance against these metrics and to let these data drive the water treatment program.  Fehr Solutions will ensure that your chemical, water and energy costs are kept to the lowest possible while maintaining asset longevity.


 Dr. Michael Fehr, PhD

Michael Fehr, Ph.D. has worked in the water treatment industry since 1988 and is an expert in water treatment chemicals and processes.  Prior to starting Fehr Solutions, LLC he was a researcher for a large water treatment company and holds five patents in the area.  His work  involved developing water treatment chemicals and developing monitoring equipment for these chemicals.  He also provided technical support in these areas as well.

Lynn Fehr

Lynn graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 1988.  Prior to starting Fehr Solutions, Lynn worked as an analytical chemist supporting manufacturing at a large water treatment company.  Lynn also led the ISO 9000 certification of manufacturing sites in Asia, Europe, Central and South America.  Currently, Lynn works with clients to develop ASHRAE-188 compliant plans to minimize the risk of Legionellosis in their water systems.

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